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Paul takes every job to its final conclusion, from an enquiry about a missing horse he was able to hand over an illegal immigrant to the police. Below are a few case studies of previous investigations:

Bleadon schools.
This was a case where North Somerset Council had secretly abolished an agreement on the education of local children. My job was to prove that they knew about something they were denying which was achieved by finding documents and then establishing a circular argument which they couldn’t avoid. This was successful although it is ongoing.

Invalid Marriage.
A man made allegations of abuse against his ‘wife’ and removed the children from the family home and was given a council house. Identified that the marriage was not valid as it had happened on a beach in the Dominican Republic and that the lawyers had overlooked that the man therefore did not have parental responsibility over the children. Investigated documents which alleged abuse and showed they were false. Filmed the man driving without a licence and helped the mother regain her children.

Firearm offences.
A man was charged with shotgun and firearm offences. This followed a murder which although the man was not involved with, he had known the killer. By researching Home Office guidance it was established that the guns were so old they could never be fired, that bullets didn’t exist for the guns and that the guns were worth far more as antiques than as weapons. After a series of court appearances the police were forced to admit they were being silly and dropped the charges.

Pyrolosis Power Plant.
During a stay on the Isle of Arran we were able to help a group of islanders protesting against a Pyrolosis Power Plant.

Various Cases.
Two cases of horse theft and one of a false claim against a will where the claimant was filmed participating in sports when they had claimed to be too disabled to leave the house.

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